Taken from the Greek word "probios" which means "for life".
The gut contains billions of bacteria both good and bad and whilst both are needed for the normal functioning of the gut, it is essential that the balance between good and bad is properly maintained.

If the balance is wrong and there are too many bad bacteria they will destroy the good bacteria and upset the dog's digestive system. The bad bacteria will then breakdown the food in such a way that the body cannot digest it properly; the gut will then produce toxic by-products which in turn, can produce unpleasant breath, smelly gas, loose motions and even diarrhoea. The dog's condition will then deteriorate which will often be shown by poor skin and coat condition and a lack of energy.

Probiotics are good bacteria which have the opposite effect and can help to reduce flatulence, produce firmer stools and can even decrease the size of the stools simply because the body takes more of the nutrient out of the food and therefore you end up with less waste.

This can help to improve the dog’s condition and appearance as well as optimising activity levels and maintain and support the overall wellbeing of your dog.

We recommend feeding the treats every day for at least 2 weeks to see a difference and then continue to feed every day to maintain the improvement.

The treats are available in 4 varieties:-

Suitable for all adult dogs of any age, size or breed
Suitable for all puppies from 6 weeks old, adult small breeds and toy dogs and ideal as a training aid for any age of dog.
Mature 7+:
Suitable for all mature dogs over 7 years old and large breeds as they contain glucosamine, chondriotin & MSM
Suitable for all overweight or inactive dogs, those prone to weight gain or any dog on a low fat and / or low protein diet

Please visit the product details page to see more detailed information about each product including ingredients, analysis etc.

Have a look at the Product Selector to help you decide which is best treat for your pet

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