Below are just some of the lovely letters that we received from our happy customers, who have very kindly taken the time to tell us what they and more importantly, their dogs, think about Feelwell’s. 

Feedback is very important to us, we are always very keen to get feedback from our customers – good and bad – as it tells us what we need to do to ensure that we offer the best possible product and service that we can.

Many thanks, Feelwell’s.

SnoopyMessage: We saw you guys at the Manchester Pet Show.  We bought a selection to try out "chunky and itchy" Yorkie on.  Well, what a change.  He's losing weight and  his itching and scratching has diminished and his skin and coat are looking better already.

Hi Helen
My item arrived safely on Monday 27th and Fudge loves them Regards Elaine

Happy 1st Birthday Tia xxDo you remember Tia,our Yorkiepoo?Well her first birthday is this coming week,so I have just ordered her first “Adult” duck food.There has been no problems with the Puppy food at all,so we are hoping the transition to Adult will be easy.We have had Tia for 6months now and what a joy she is.She and her two sisters were still available from the litter of six when I spotted them on the Internet in June and as we were still going through a grieving process after our Yorkshire Terrier died in April,we wondered if we were doing the right thing, taking on another dog so soon after losing Molly.As it turned out we were absolutely right, we are convinced now that Tia was meant to be,she was waiting for us! Thought you would like to see a picture of her with her treats.Happy New Year !

Warm wishes
Jill & Richard Pacey
Dear Helen,Well we've had Tia 5weeks now and what a joy this little Yorkiepoo is!!Gradually I've introduced Feelwells Puppy food and no resistance.She is now on it completely and is doing so well.The treats you sent us work a charm too ,she will do everything I ask providing she gets one of these as a reward! So glad I found your website,I really feel she is getting the best food out there.
Warm Wishes
Jill & Richard Pacey

Great to find a healthy treat that Maggi actually enjoys

Thank you for your, Duck and Rice, Joint and Mobility Treats. My Collie X GSD loves them and I have noticed a huge difference in his joint flexibility. Well done for a fantastic product! :)
Thank you feelwell for the advice and support through changing my dog feed over from raw to kibble. This food is now convenient and suits our life style just what we were looking for.
Jaimini Bharakhada
this is my adorable beautiful baby girl sasha - who is nearly 17 years old!! & looking good!! sasha has always had issues with her tum tum & use to get constant runs (at least once or twice a week!!) & extremely bad wind problems! until we discovered feelwell's probiotics! & honestly they have worked wonders for her tum tum!! i also h...ave to lil cihuahuas (it's their basket sasha is sleepin in LOL) but they preffer another brand 'much more expensive too'! But they did not help sasha at all - untill we came across these! so thankyou so much feelwell's!!!
so at her grand ol age she can now atleast stop worring about tum tum issues

Rowan - 4 year old Collie X

Dear Helen

I would just like to say what a difference feeding Feelwells Adult Food has made to the health and general well being my four year old collie cross bitch.

I obtained Rowan as an 8 week old robust, chunky puppy from a farm in Devon.  From day one she basically had a food problem with regular bouts of sickness/diarrohea and skin and anal gland problems.  Despite trying numerous "allergy" diets nothing seemed to work for long.  Rowan had become a scrawny looking dog in very poor condition and seriously undeweight.  I had given up hoping to find a suitable food and was at the stage where I suspected she may well have an underlying, serious medical problem.

I happened across an advert for Feelwell's and decided to give it one last go, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What a dramatic difference it has made!  At long last Rowan has put on weight, no more continual scratching or scooting.  Her coat condition is excellent and her general health has been tremendously improved.

All I can say is thank you, I hope this testimonial will encourage other dog owners with problems to give Feelwell's a go.

Gwyneth Jenkins





 Hello Helen

I just thought I would write and let you know how well Paris is doing on your Feelwell's Adult Duck Dog Food.  As I told you shje has Atopic Dermatitis which affects her ears and eyes, we have tried her on lots of other dog foods including prescription diets and although she still has occasional problems she is much improved on your food.

I have included a photo of Paris so you can see how pretty a girl she is






I've got to say that Feelwells is a damn good food, I won't go into gory details but its done my old lab the world of good in just 2 days


I just had to put in writing how thrilled I am with your Puppy food.

My West Highland Walter has had stomach problems since he had an infection at 14 weeks old, he was put onto prescriptive food from the vet.  This worked some of the time but not all.

I met Helen at the Discover Dogs Show and she told me about her dog food, I got it as i>was probiotic and Walter now has a good digestive system, much better than the prescriptive.

Well done to you for producing a food that has brought excellent results! Walter sends his love and thanks.

I have now purchased Adult Venision to try for my other dogs and will report>back on that one too.

Once again a Big Thank you.Ann Barrett proud owner of 6 West Highlandsand a Minature Schnauzer.

I own 3 Gordon Setter Bitches and they love your food so I pay the extra and buy it for them.  Mrs Susan J Wethered

Dear Helen,

I thought you might like to see Ella aged 14 and1/2years. She really likes Feelwells and says they make her 'feel better'. That is my daughter's joke.

Seriously, thank you for doing a great job,
Linda Woodroof


Hi Helen

I just wanted to give you an update on Elsa's health following her switch to your venison food and probiotic treats. She's absolutely fine with it. We have the odd mishap when I try certain new foods as treats, but I'm always confident that discontinuing that treat and continuing with just feelwells for a few days will bring her back to normal. Although she's not loving the taste as much as she did in the beginning, just a little bored with it I think, if I add some of the burns venison heart or tongue and a little warm water she loves it and finishes it no problem.

So a great success, thanks for all your help.


All arrived safely.

My dog is enjoying the Adult Duck variety and her appetite has returned.

Many thanks for the superb delivery of my order for complete food & treats. Our dog, Gemma, is 15 years old and has been ill and off her food but loves the Duck complete food.

Many thanks from a very grateful owner. I can't thank you enough.

Jill Fullalove

I have been using another brand till now (pooch n mutt) they did do wonders for my shi chi but unfortunately did not work for the older dog! I searched on the net as i didn't know there were others out there & I came across your site. I Ordered a single pack to try out and I've been really pleased with them - also the fact they are cheaper than the other brand mentioned!

As long as your price stays the same I'm certain I'll contue to use your product AND have already recommended you on Facebook!

Jaimini Bharakhada

p.s. Really think you should start a site on Facebook as I couldn't find one! It would just access so many more people! Thanks

Feelwells are great. Our dog Bella had a real wind problem and now shes fine. Highly recomend using them.

Elizabeth Zimmermann.

My little fox terrier cross (Rosie) has a skin condition and is allergic to most meats (sadly).

I bought 3 packets of the 4 ranges of Treats from Feelwells after I bought a sample pack at the Good Food Show in Birmingham this year and she absoloutely loves them!! They are great value, delivered very quickly and Free delivery is a real bonus. Im so pleased they're available online. Will now be shopping with you regularly and will try other products soon.

Thank you Feelwells from Rosie AND me.

I have been giving my dogs Feelwells treats for about 2 years. It is really nice to be able to feed treats that are full of the right things, instead of sugar and additives. I would like to thank Helen and her team for providing my dogs with a sensible treat that is good for them. I will spread the word.

Wayne Edwards

I can't recommend Feelwells treats and food enough!
I have been giving my dogs the treats for some time now and they really love them.

I bought a bag of the duck adult food at Crufts this year and all the dogs think it's great and it really suits their digestive systems.

I am now going to try the new Venison variety and I'm sure it will go down just as well with them!

I work as a veterinary nurse and it is extremely important to me to not only feed the best holistic, hypoallergenic food to my dogs that I can, but also that I am 'doing my bit' in buying an ethical product.

I would certainly recommend trying Feelwells products to any of my clients and we already stock the treats!'

Jo-anne Hill

Just want to thank you so much for your amazing probiotic food. My Cavalier King Charles Pippi loves it.

I started feeding Pippi with Feelwells Complete food last month and after one week the difference in her well being was dramatic with no more lose
stools , wind and bad breath and to make it even better her coat got so so shiny !

I am looking forward for you new complete food with venison and I would be grateful if you could keep me update on its release day .
Thank you so much for a really satisfied dog owner and from a really happy and healthy cavalier.

kind regards
Michele Di Giacomo and Pippi

Hello there,

Just like you to know how pleased we (me and my dog) are with your dog treats. We first tried them when I saw you at the NEC Gardeners World Exhibition, and I was reluctant to try them as very often my dog turns his nose up at healthy treats, so I just bought 2 packets to try. Anyway, my dog loves them and I have just ordered a pack of your complete dog food to try. It’s good to know they are made from natural ingredients (no rubbish), and that they are listed clearly on the packaging.

Many thanks,

Carole, Sam & Flo the dog.

Dear Feelwell's,

"Thank you for you very prompt and courteous reply. It is now about 3 weeks that my 2 "pups" have been given the Feelwell's Adult treats and I must say that I am VERY impressed with the results :-)

Their pooh's are much more like they should be (solid or at least semi-solid stools - 1 pup suffers worse than t'other) and we are now able to treat them like our previous dogs, ie give them occassional "normal" treats and some scraps, etc which we had not been able to do at all before (without having to pay the consequences the next day - which wasn't good for us but especially not for them!)

They absolutely love the treats and go mad for them!

We are still feeding them 4 times a day (at 18 month's they've got used to it now and still seem to get sicky tums if not fed every 4 hours or so). We give them a Feel Well treat just before feeding them and it is working great. The plus is that, as they are now digesting their food better, we have been able to reduce the amount of dry food by 25% which helps compensate the cost of the Feelwell's AND we can now give them small amounts of wet food so they have some variety to their meals :-)

Happy regards

Jo Abel (Mrs)"

Dear Feelwell's,

"My cocker spaniel was a rehomed dog and I had a heck of a job finding food that suited her but when we tried feelwells that was the safe treat for her without any tummy upset. Yo!"

Heather Flack.

Dear Ms Booth,

 Thank you for your detailed reply and thank you for sending out a sample pack and the literature also. The latter was extremely informative and I'm so glad you included it along with sample pack. The treats went down well with my dog! I ended up ordering a whole range from VetUK, including the puppy treats which I love as they can be used as a training aid for smaller dogs.

For me, one of the best things about the feelwell treats is that theyre actually quite tough and thus require my dog to crunch on them (as opposed to swallow like he does with other titbits)...theyre really good for cleaning his teeth. As of recent, Ive also noticed that he's not so windy!! =) I wonder if that due to the probiotics?

Anyway, I am just emailing you to thank you for the sample and the rest in the pack. It was everso helpful and makes me feel like a better dog owner for knowing exactly whats in my dogs diet.

Please keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Miss Patel

Hi Helen, here I am again! The dogs are very happy that they get the feelwell's treats again!

The small one,OSCAR, is my dog, it's a mix yorkshire, maltezer, the big one is GATO wich is the dog of my colleague at work She is the one who recommended the feelwell's product to me, thanks for it Martine!

Greetings, Wendy

Dear Helen

Just to let you know that we have been giving Feelwells Super Premium Probiotic Healthy Dog Treats to our dog Sam, a 3½ year old Labrador/Retriever cross, for about 9 months now. We use them as a reward treat during his daily training routine. He loves the biscuits and has 6 or 7 of them each day, but he would eat the whole bag in one go if he had the chance. There are plenty of doggy treats on the market, many smell foul and have various additives and colours in them. Feelwells dog treats actually smell appertising and are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and that is why we use them, because only the best will do for our Sam.

Brian Hall

I received a sample pack of freewells dog treats with an order i placed at pets at home last week. My 6 month old puppy loved them and 'they helped her delicate tummy' I am totally amazed and just placed an order. I'll tell others too as they are fab. i'd never seen them before (I had bought the tiny puppy ones when we first got her but she didn't like those).

So thanks for a fab product,

Hi Helen. Must say that the dog treats have made a noticeable difference to my 15 year old dog. Apart from several other issues, he is prone to stomach upsets, colitis and itchy skin. I completely switched from common branded treats to Feelwells and am very pleased with the results. I don't expect them to be cured but they have certainly calmed problems down. Charlie loves the taste & texture of these treats and it's a shame that they were not available fourteen years ago. I shall be certainly be re-ordering when required. Thank you.

Karl Bartoni, Lancashire

Hi there

, Just a quickie to say that we came across Feelwells at the Gardeners World show at the N.E.C Birmingham at the beginning of June.Your sales team were really clued up, friendly & very approachable. We purhased a 'dog hammock' for our back seat of our car for a bargain price & were given a sample of your dog treats.Not only does Megan love them but after only a short space of time we have already noticed a difference in her. We would just like to say thank you for introducing us to your product & your great company!!

Many Kind Regards
Nicola, Mark & Megan.

Many thanks for your prompt service yet again, I feel that I could fully endorse your product to anybody as being the best available on the market.

Linda Parry, Liverpool

My father asked me to email you after visiting your 'stand' at the BBC Summer Show yesterday. I am writing to let you know how much Murphy (our two year old Irish Setter) enjoys the feelwells treats and how much benefit they have done him. Prior to trying the feelwells products Murphy had to have a probiotic paste on his meals (due to him suffering a wheat intolerance and having a sensitive digestion as a result) but since giving him feelwells he no longer needs this and he is much healthier. When my father told me that you'd informed him you were going to be producing a 'food' rather than just 'treats' I was overjoyed - finally there would be something available that suited Murphy and my desire to feed him only wholesome good food.

Please could you inform me when the food will be available so I can order it asap.

Kind Regards
Georgina Ingham

Your Benefits Goodnight treats are great!! The ones for helping them sleep at night (Lucy my goldie likes to keep me up all night if you remember me saying!) well I can tell you that I manage to get more sleep now and she loves them. All of the range are really good as gave some of the samples I got from you to other friends with dogs and they went down a treat! You guys are onto something good there!!

Robyn Burnett

Hi Helen,

Just thought you might like a bit of fantastic feedback on your new Goodnight treats.

My friend has two elderly rescue dogs and one of them (an old collie cross called Kayla) has been showing very strange behaviour every night for the past two weeks – pacing the floor and barking all night. She came around to see me on Monday night and was very worried not just for Kayla, but also because it was keeping everyone awake and soon the neighbours would complain. I suggested it might be dementia related and suggested she get something like Bach flower remedy or skullcap and valerian. Then I remembered I had a sample of your new Goodnight treats from Crufts so I gave her the pack and suggested she give Kayla one or two before bed.

I hadn’t expected such a dramatic result but she gave her one biscuit on Monday night and she didn’t bark at all! I’ve had another email from her this morning and she has continued to give one biscuit each night before bed and the result is really dramatic with no barking or pacing at all! She is absolutely delighted.

Have you started selling them yet? Just need to know where I can get some more for her before the pack runs out.

Linden Cartwright

 Dear Feelwell's,

"My 11-year-old GSD Shaba has suffered with that dodgy tummy GSDs are so prone to. After 2 years on a prescription diet it was still barely controlled, and she couldn't tolerate any other foods. I found Feelwells Mature treats at Crufts '08, while looking for a treat she could tolerate. She liked them very well, and tolerated them just fine, so I continued to feed them to her.

After a couple of months I realized she had not had any vomiting or diarrhoea for quite a while. A month or two later I was able to take her off the prescription food altogether, and she tolerates a range of food and treats now. She still gets her Feelwells every day, and will for as long as she lives. I buy them online as no one in Leicester sells the Mature treats. A year later and she is doing better than ever! Many thanks from both of us!"

Ann Shanklin

Dear Helen

Just a short note to thank you very much for sending me the samples of the Feelwell's treats. My dog is very fussy and won't hesitate to refuse foods that she is not familiar with which is why I was grateful for the samples. Before I had properly opened the envelope she was asking me if she could have them! I have now bought a supply from Pets at Home in Slough and she has them daily.

I think it is such a good idea to have probiotics included in the food.....have you thought about marketing a complete food that can be fed as a food and not just a treat?

Kind regards,

Dear Sir

I am writing in about your Feelwell’s Adult Dog Treats, I find them very good for my dogs and think they are one of the best dog treats out on the open market.

Thank so much for bringing them out.

Mrs T Proctor
Co Durham
Dear Feelwell's,

"My name is Jackie Murphy (web site:
www.specialistdogtraining.co.uk) and I am a dog behaviourist and trainer. Since my dog had Colitis a couple of years ago I have been unable to find him suitable training treats, until now. Feelwells are excellent and not only are they a tasty treats, but healthy and loved by my dog. So now I actually promote Feelwell’s treats when I am talking to new owners about training, but also use them in class for owners who do not have appropriate treats with them.

There are so many different treats out on the market, Feelwell’s is the only one that is natural and therefore being a natural product will not cause any hyperactivity after being eaten. They are therefore ideal when helping training difficult dogs or those dogs who have a sensitive digestive system"

 Dear Feelwell's,

"I Have an 18 month old Boxer who absolutely loves these treats, no sooner have I put them down then they're gone, she would eat the whole bag if she could and I know they're really healthy for her also."

Marion Muntane


Dear Helen,

Cheeka my German Shepherd, no need to explain why we gave her that name. We got her at 12 weeks old and she became very ill and at about 3 weeks later her father died suddenly from an unknown problem. Cheeka became so ill she had been to the Vets and nothing was working and then Sarah recommended Feelwells and explained they are probiotics and they are magic. Within 3 days Cheeka was much better and then when she had been on them for a week she was back to normal. She now has them daily and we have put all our other German Shepherds on Feelwells. We show and breed and i will always recommend feelwells to every dog owner.

Thank you
Irene Carrier
Mikerose German Shepherds

Dear Feelwell's,

Many thanks for your lovely letter and the treats for Lucy, which she will thoroughly enjoy! I am really impressed with your product. As I have been a little concerned in the past with the ingredients found in most over the counter type treats and the possible effect they could create with her diet. I feel that she is 'thriving' at the moment and would not hesitate to recommend your treats to anyone who asked me.

Yours sincerely

Dear Feelwell's,

I am very happy to find this food for my dog because it is very sensible. I think it has gluten allergy and it is very difficult to give it something that will not cause diarrhea. I give it only rice and beef and carrots. But it needs also some biscuits to learn simple orders.

Vero from Belgium.

Dear Feelwell's,

"Since I started using the Feelwell's dog treats, both my Maltese dogs have shown a significant improvement with the digestive problems they were having. They are also happier in themselves and have a lot more energy. I’ve used Feelwell's as great training treats too which has resulted in them being better behaved in the park and with people visiting the house too. Thank you to the team of Feelwell's for producing such a great product that my dogs love and has made me so happy seeing the significant positive changes with them also.


"Dear Feelwell's,

I feel I must email you to say how very impressed I am with your product. When on holiday in Norfolk last summer, my dog Benji, (a 5yr rescue Yorkshire terrier cross), caught an unknown sickness. He was treated with emergency antibiotics which caused a major reaction as unknown to us until then, Benji had an allergy to penicillin. This caused his skin to go red raw and he was very ill for a week with sickness.

At the end of the vet’s treatment he was given probiotic powders to add to his food and kept on a very light diet. When out looking for new food light diet to get him back on his feet we found your Probiotic treats. They have been very helpful to his good recovery and his coat /skin condition, appetite and stomach are so much better now and he is hooked on your treats. He dances around and licks his lips as soon as he sees the packet!

I would recommend them to anyone who has had any such problems or even as a treat, Benji enjoys them so much and his health is much better for it. I am about to take up dog grooming for a career change and will recommend them to any of my customers and hope to sell them.

Thank You for A GREAT PRODUCT !!
Tony Constable
Tunbridge Wells, Kent"

"Dear Feelwell's,

My puppy did have very loose motions and I saw your stand at Discover Dogs
and purchased 3 bags of the Puppy treats and I just wanted to mention how they have helped her massively and that I have definately noticed a
difference - not forgetting to mention that she loves them hence why I will be ordering some more - thank you Feelwells!"

Melanie Hudson, Stamford.

"Dear Feelwell's,

I just wanted to drop you a line. Many thanks for making such good dog treats; they are so much better than the normal treats you see on the shelf. Our cocker goes absolutely mental when she see’s us delving into the packet. We have found them to be the perfect training treat.

Once again many thanks,
Sam & Carole"
"I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that Speckle LOVES her Feelwells probiotic treats!!! She has 4 a day and touch wood, her tum is fine now although I do keep up with her daily boiled egg.

Thanks for all your help and advice

Best Wishes
Ali Curtiss, Surrey"
“I would like to let you know that the treats have definitely worked and resolved Honeys problem. There is no sign of Honey’s food intolerance now which makes Honey’s feeding a lot easier for me. A number of my friends are also interested, I have given them the name of the treats and they are now going to try them on their dogs.

A good result for your treats and for Honey’s tummy I think.

Thank you so much – I am so proud of my little Honey.

Kind regards
Christina West
“Thank very much for sending me the treats. It does make a nice change for a company to value it’s customers
Thanks again.
Mrs T Masters”
“Dear Helen

just to say thanks for the samples they arrived today. The dogs love them!
Bea {our Greekie} thinks she's in heaven every time she's given something to eat, never seen such a smile!! Looks like we'll be able to buy them locally so no problems.

Thanks again
Our dogs (7 Labradors) just love your treats, and now they know where they are kept, they are ‘hounding me’ and sitting in front of the cupboard…how we are going to store them at the warehouse safely from their sniffing noses I am not sure…one level up I think!!

Michael – France
“Hello Feelwell team,

I just wanted to e-mail you to say that our doggy Mabel (cross Irish Terrier/Bearded Collie) loves your biscuits and they are so much better than the processed ones! They do really help with her digestion and skin condition - you can tell when she has not had any.

Jocelyn-Anne Harvey”
“My hairless Chinese Crested (Porsha) has been given your treats for the past 2 weeks and I notice a big difference in her.

Her skin is so healthy looking and she looks a lot brighter in her eyes also.

“9th Sept 08

Dear Helen

My dog Oscar, loves your treats and he always had a loose bowel until he had your treats and now he is fine.

I would recommend them to anyone.

Thanking you

George Clarke, Wiltshire”
"My female shih tzu had a tummy upset very often. After taking her to the vets for tests was told she would have to stay on their food. So I spoke to your comapany regarding this. You sent some samples which together with a good balanced diet for Amber has sorted her tummy problems and now we have nice hard stools with no sickness. Amber said Thank-you"

Ruth Bailey
(shih tzus / border collies)
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's great to find a quality product that is produced ethically (I found your product on PETA's website) and that my dog loves the taste of!"

Sue Pavey
(Staffordshire bull terrier cross)
"Have helped with one of my dogs that frquently had a "loose" bum

Dear Feelwell’s

Feelwell's dog treats are a fantastic alternative to awful animal tested pet treats. They are great for my dog and I trust Feelwell's not to put stuff in the food that is not needed there.

Ricky Vann, Buckinghamshire
(German Shepherd)
To Feelwell’s

I must tell you how much the Adult Probiotic Treats have helped one of my greyhounds. They all love the treats and it is a joy to give them wholesome treats with no rubbish in. However, Max has benefited tremendously – he suffered from wind and had loose stools when exercising. These treats have really helped – he now has normal stools and has even given up eating grass. In addition to that the treats are really crunchy and help to clean their teeth.

Thank you for an excellent product.

Mrs M Rose
Dear Feelwell’s

As I mentioned in my phone call I began giving Feelwell’s to my Border Collie about 18 months ago. He has suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome since he was a puppy and the attacks were becoming more frequent. The vet had recommended treating the attacks with a probiotic syringe but I really wanted to prevent attacks. By chance I found your product in our local dog rescue centre. I have used it ever since and now attacks are rare and much less severe. So, I regularly recommend them now to other dog owners whose dogs have similar problems.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Herrington
Dear Sir or Madam

I’m just letting you know my 2 Cavalier pups (4 months) love eating your Feelwell’s Probiotic Puppy Treats – they can’t get enough of them, they love the Lamb & Rice.

Thanks again and keep it up.

Mrs Webb
Dear Helen

I just wanted to thank you for sending me the samples of your product and information leaflets for my clients.

My dogs love the product so I shall be re-ordering when stocks are running low. My dog with Irritable Bowel Syndrome seems so far to be a little better. He still has slight tummy problems some days but not as severe. I really do believe that the probiotics are helping him.
I’ll continue to spread the word to my clients.

Kind regards

Mrs Osborne
Tickhill Pet Sitters
Hi Helen

Just though I would let you know that Echo loves her treats (as do all the others). The vet says that she can have them for her tummy and that they may help her condition. Do you do food?

Dapper Petz
Dear Helen

I am writing to thank you so very much for the wonderful packs of Feelwell’s you have so very kindly sent us for our Setter Party. These will make wonderful prizes for some for the winners and will introduce your great product to our owners.

My own Setters love their Feelwell’s every day and I know that I am giving them something very healthy and good for them. Some Setters have dodgy tummies and owners are always on the look out for treats for their dogs with no nasty side effects.

Many thanks again.

Kind regards
Maureen Hurll
The Irish Setter Rescue Group
Dear Sir or Madam

I’m writing to let you know how much my two dogs love your Feelwell’s Probiotic Puppy Treats, I have two Cavalier King Charles puppies age 5 and 6 months old and they have always been very choosy on what they eat. They love the lamb & rice flavour and I have to stock up as they go through them so quickly.

Thanks for making my dogs happy

Kind regards
Chris Robinson
Dear Sir/Madam

I have a 6 year old male rescue Yorkshire Terrier, whom I have had for the past 3 years. He has had re-occurring gassy tummies for a couple of years now. I have frequently changed his food in order to try and prevent this occurring and for some time now he has been on the Natural Dog Food Co dry meal, which is a holactive meal made of only natural ingredients and vitamins. This has helped a great deal but he still had the occasional gassy stomach.

For the last couple of weeks, he has been having 2 Feelwell’s biscuit treats a day and so far, his tummy seems to be really settled.
I feel that your biscuits are having a beneficial effect on his stomach and wanted to give you this feedback.

I have also now recommended them to my sister in law for one of her Westies who also has the same problem.

Many thanks,

Jackie O’Brien
Dear Sir/Madam

My Collie X, Peppermint, received Feelwell’s Probiotic Lamb & Rice Healthy Dog Treats for Christmas and she loves them!

Will you please inform me of your whole range of dog treats and the name of any local shops that sell them so I can buy more treats for Peppermint.

Thank you for your help

Robert Rimmer

Dear all at Feelwells

This is a photo of my Welsh Springer Spaniel Paddy, eagerly waiting for his favourite Feelwells Probiotic treats.

When we adopted Paddy almost a year ago the vet diagnosed liver disease. After a completely different diet of hypoallergenic food which includes his favourite Feelwells Probiotic treats his medical co...
ndition has dramatically improved. Many people comment on what a cute puppy he is with his boundless energy. They can’t believe he is about 8 or 9 years old so I was delighted to find your range of Probiotics for Mature Adult dogs.

Thank you for contributing towards his healthy lifestyle.

Penelope Gudge

Dear Helen

As requested I have attached a photo of Vinnie my 4 year old Chocolate Labrador. Vinnie had serious ear problems for about 2 years which was being treated with ear drops and ear flushes but the horrible brown ear wax kept returning and was getting worse each time. He regularly got infections in his ears and on two occasions an ear drum ruptured as well. When really bad he could not lift his ears properly, open his jaw very wide and eating became painful process as well. He also started to lose the hair around his eyes (another sign of allergy).

We were very close opting for the lateral wall resection surgery for both ears as you could see that he was so uncomfortable and unhappy but having been through this with another dog I knew that it didn't cure the problem just allowed for easier medication. Intuition told me that it was a food allergy and internet research looked like it could be wheat related. In January Vinnie had a full blood test to see if we could establish what was causing the allergy and to our relief the results were positive and pointed towards beef, chicken and other meats. Vinnie's problem looked to be meat proteins. The test showed that he was not allergic to venison and other game meat and these were recommended for his diet along with white fish.

I tried other foods but found that many had animal derivatives in them which contained the products he was allergic to. Many were also rice based which was also on the list.

I discovered Feelwells Vernison Adult Complete by chance and he is now on his third bag of the food and we haven't looked back. I could honestly say that the transformation was almost immediate. I am still very watchful as to what he eats but the new diet has definitely transformed him back into my handsome boy once again and the odd tit bit of naughty food doesn't do him any harm.

I appreciate I have had quite a bit to say but it has been a long process in getting to where we are now. Please feel free to use any of the above for your testimonial page.

Kind regards
Ann Sizer
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