Feelwell’s are a family company based in North Yorkshire.
Meet our family pets - these are the chief taste testers for all our products and anything else that we sell and recommend in our shop.
Lola, Alfie & Hudson our little Border Terrier Family - Lola & Alfie are Hudson's parents
Midge, our very tolerant rescue cat and Zara, the Staffie who is scared of everything
Midge, our very tolerant rescue cat and Zara, the very nervous and gentle Staffie!
We are dedicated to providing your pet with genuinely healthy, tasty treats using only the best possible natural ingredients to ensure the maximum palatability, while giving your dog real health benefits.
We are pet owners too – we currently have four Border Terriers and a cat and we take in foster dogs – especially elderly terriers, we have a real soft spot for older dogs
We have developed our products over several years based on the needs of our pets and products that we have wanted to buy as pet owners.  Our first Border Terrier Lola had all sorts of issues when we got her as a pup and she was the reason we started this business – we couldn’t find what we were looking for – healthy, natural, tasty, nutritious dog treats – everything seemed to be made from by-products, sugars, salts, colours, flavours and preservatives.  We had to start doing it ourselves, there had to be a better way.
Each of our dogs and those of friends and family have contributed to our products and on each product page you will find the history behind the development of that product - we always start with the dog and work backwards!
Our philosophy is that if you use good ingredients you don’t need flavourings, you can use Vitamin E, rosemary and air-drying to preserve products and there is no reason at all to use colours – dogs eat by smell not colour, they can’t even see that many! 
We believe in traditional values and the old adage that ‘you only get out what you put in’, hence the reason we only use the best possible natural ingredients in our products and purchase from renewable sources which allows us to offer quality products that are excellent value for money.
We have a responsible attitude to the way our pet products are produced and encourage our customers to be responsible pet owners.
We all want our pets to have a long, happy and healthy life and good nutrition is the key.”
Feelwell’s products are:  
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Ethical Policy
We care passionately about our pets and yours and want them to live long, happy and healthy lives and we are dedicated to providing them with the best possible nutrition. To us, this means no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no genetically modified ingredients and no meat or animal derivatives.
We are proud to be among the founder members of The Campaign for Real Pet Food which is working hard to promote the use of good quality ingredients in pet food and clear, honest labelling to allow the consumer to make an informed decision on the food they buy for their pets.
We are also on the PETA list of Ethical Pet Food Suppliers as we do not test our products or our ingredients on animals, nor do we condone animal testing in any way.  All our products are taste tested by our own pets and any of their willing furry friends.
We are delighted that we have also been awarded the Ethical Accreditation :-
“The Ethical Company Organisation runs the Ethical Accreditation Scheme.  This certifies that the Company or Brand in question has scored highly in an overall analysis of its Corporate Social Responsibility record.
Environmental Policy
Feelwells are a family business based in the beautiful North Yorkshire Countryside

Our offices are based in our home, so no travelling to work means no carbon emissions.
We use energy saving light bulbs throughout our home, we have the maximum amount of insulation in our loft and we recycle everything that we can.  We also use recycled paper and stationery wherever possible.
Our products are shipped direct to our customers on our behalf to ensure the minimum transport miles on our finished goods.  Some of our packaging is already manufactured from recycled materials and we are actively sourcing environmentally friendly alternatives for the rest.
As we have our products manufactured for us, these companies are also buying in raw materials for lots of other companies at the same time thereby utilising economies of scale and requiring less transport overall and wherever possible all products are sourced in the UK.  Some of the products are actually grown on the site.
We don’t employ a sales force out on the road – we communicate with all our customers via telephone and email and we also sell our products via wholesalers, once again reducing our impact on carbon emissions.
All our post is sent from our local village post office which means we can walk there and back – taking the dog for a walk at the same time!
Contact Us
Tel:   0870 977 00 44
Email:  info@feelwells.co.uk
Web:  www.feelwells.co.uk
VAT Reg No: 875 1367 02
Member of:
Federation of Small Business
Campaign for Real Petfood

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